Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need an athletic background to do aerial?

You do not need any particular athletic background or experience in order to learn aerial! Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and our classes are modified based on each student's unique abilities.

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What should I wear to class?

Please arrive to aerial class in relatively close-fitting athletic wear to prevent your clothing from getting caught or snagged on the aerial rope or silks. We recommend wearing long pants and a shirt that is tight-fitting to the body or that can be tucked into the pants.
Clothes should not have zippers or buttons. In addition, we recommend leaving larger jewelry items at home (large rings, bracelets, etc) as these can easily get caught as well.


What can I expect in my first class?

Please arrive to class on time in order to have adequate time for warm-up and stretching. We also recommend bringing water to class with you. 
Your first class will introduce you to basic terminology, skills, body mechanics, and more! You will have the chance to practice your new skills in a small group setting and, yes, you will get up in the air on your first day!

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Can I watch my child's class?

We absolutely welcome family members who want to stay to watch the duration of their child's aerial class! This can be incredibly encouraging for the child and exciting for the rest of the family. 
We do ask that any family members who stay for the duration of class stay against the wall of the room and do not participate in the lesson unless per instructor request/approval. This is for the safety of our students, instructors, and 7 Seas staff.


Are there performing opportunities?

Yes! Ethereal Arts students have the opportunity to work on individual performance pieces for the annual student showcase. In addition, our aerial students often perform in "Circus Sundays" at the 7 Seas Breweries and at other local events.

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How do I get started?

Does all of this sound exciting to you? Want to learn more? Please reach out via the message form on our Contact page or by emailing us directly at 

Once you send us a message, we can find out more about your interests and let you know what classes might be a good fit. We do our best to respond to messages within 24 hrs. 

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Want to buy your own equipment?

If you would like to purchase your own equipment or materials for class you can do so through our Amazon Affiliate page! We greatly appreciate you having your own equipment, as it allows us to maintain a safe and sanitary environment in our studio! See below for links to items that will help you as an aerialist!