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Upcoming Events and Workshops

Experience live art and performance again! Witness amazing talent and gravity defying feats at our shows! Or join us for workshops by amazing visiting or in house instructors! 


Happy Birthday!

Can you think of a better way to spend your birthday?! Spend your special day with us learning the basics of aerial and acrobatics with some of your closest friends! We will spend an hour and a half working on introductory level skills on different aerial apparatus' along with some acrobatics, and then the remaining 30 min will be yours to either review the things you have learned or enjoy birthday sweets (self provided). Email or message us to schedule your birthday celebration!

Bachelorette Parties!

Join us for a fun and creative way to celebrate your big day with your bridal party! Imagine challenging yourself with something new alongside all of your best girlfriends! This is a great way to create some fun memories together! Email or message us to plan your party!

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Be My Valentine

Fall in love while we fall through the air this Valentine's Day at Ethereal Arts Northwest! Join us on February 18th for our youth show at 5pm and our adult show at 7:30pm! Both shows are family friendly! Grab your tickets at the link below! We will have limited standing room tickets available at the door!

Youth Show Tickets - 5:00pm

Adult Show Tickets - 7:30pm

We are so excited to host Amadeus López for a two day mixed levels straps workshop at Ethereal Arts Northwest! This workshop is available to anyone with aerial experience that is looking to develop skills to allow them to create functional movements and sequences on straps! Sign up at the link below and message us any questions you have!


Time: 4-6pm PST

Location: Ethereal Arts, 3201 Jahn Ave NW Suite 104 Gig Harbor, WA 98335 

Cost: $50


Do you dream of pulling that dramatic aerial drop RIGHT when the beat drops? Want more tools to help enhance the musicality of your acts, or to leverage music to enhance your performances?


In this workshop, we will learn to identify segments of a song and how to count beats in order to orient ourselves in the structure of the music. We will cover how dancers count and how musicians count and use both modes to our advantage. We will learn to map our songs to our acts or our acts to our songs. From there, we can build better dynamics and flourishes into our acts, intentionally emphasizing the music or letting the music emphasize us. The workshop will include time for students to practice applying music theory to a sequence or act in progress.

n addition to applying to solo dancers, the principles taught in this workshop are perfect for anyone wishing to involve others in their choreography, or to learn choreography from others.

This workshop is for all levels, all ages, all bodies, all types of dance! Especially aerial dance. Anyone planning to use aerial equipment for their sequence should have completed a intro and beginner session or have instructor permission.

About Mirrah

Mirrah began aerial dancing at Airbound Arts in 2015. They have studied at NECCA in Vermont, SHOW Studio in Massachusetts, and Versatile Arts in Seattle. They have taught and assisted classes at Sparrow Studios since 2021. Mirrah also has a long, complicated history with music. It includes 7 years of formal trumpet education, piano, and percussion. Another 10 years was spent as a professional live sound engineer. They have performed drums, vocals, trumpet, and ukulele in Syracuse University's Brazilian Percussion Ensemble, African Percussion Ensemble, Oy Capella, Jazz Choir, The Window Smashing Job Creators, Swoon, Geography, and Overhill Ln.

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